At Lagan Backpackers, we are one of the few hostels that give our guests a full hot English Breakfast every morning - and for FREE!

To be completely honest, I actually love making the breakfasts: frying and scrambling eggs, the smell of hot buttered toast filling the kitchen mingling with the delicious scent of bacon, and hearing sausages sizzle alongside the bubbling of the filter coffee as it percolates… heaven!

Even though you might think a full English breakfast is a naughty option, eating one is actually GOOD FOR YOU, and here are 3 guilt free reasons why:

The Lagan Backpackers Hot Breakfast: FREE and GOOD for You!

1: Big Breakfast = Smaller Stomach?

Articles that state that large breakfasts are good for us have been popping up in mainstream media, with the Daily Star saying that a "Big brekkie battles obesity and disease” - woohoo!

2. Bacon… the Tastiest Health Food Ever?

Bacon is actually incredibly good for you for many reasons - as surprising as that may be!

For example, it contains Vitamin D - and did you know that Vitamin D deficiency is becoming rife because many people, especially children do not get enough from their diets or sunshine (especially here in Northern Ireland!)

Vitamin D is essential for good mineral absorption and to ensure your metabolism is in good working order. Insufficient levels of Vitamin D have been linked to osteoporosis, tooth decay, bone fractures, heart disease, autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and other diseases.

3. Eggs: Myths Unscrambled

If you want to improve your diet quickly and effectively, eating eggs is the best way to do so! Eggs are filling because they're choc filled with high-quality protein. They also provide us with every vitamin we need apart from vitamin C, along with tons of minerals.

“Forget the old warning that we shouldn't eat more than three or four eggs a week because they contain cholesterol – that particular gem of "healthy eating" advice has since been ditched. It's now accepted that the cholesterol we eat has little or no effect on blood cholesterol levels, and that we actually need cholesterol to build cell membranes, digest fats and make hormones.”

So come and stay with us at Lagan Backpackers Belfast to get a great dose of healthy yumminess with our delicious FREE breakfast!



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