If you were ever thinking of coming to Belfast, then Friday 19 September 2014 is the time to do so!

Culture Night will swarm the city with over 200 artists and organisations hosting free events that showcase just how culturally vibrant and inclusive Belfast truly is - and all for FREE!

From Samba performances, Roller Derby demonstrations, Northern Irish bands and orchestras, Fire Gatherings, fashion workshops, interactive dance workshops including Flamenco and Yoga, twilight cycle rides, beautiful exhibitions, Irish language drama performances, Trad music and Street Art and much, much more *phew!* this one day event iscertainly not to be missed!

For a full list of all events, visit their website here (you will need to sit down for this, as there are so many!)



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30/12/2015 2:08am

Fire Gatherings, fashion workshops, interactive dance workshops including Flamenco and Yoga.

01/01/2016 10:26am

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